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      Contractor Insurance Quotes Online

      If you’re looking for a contractor insurance quote online, you’re not alone. Liability Convergence Quotes is one of the fastest-growing liability convergence providers on the web, and you can find quotes for almost any type of contractor insurance policy. These quotes cover everything from general liability and errors and omissions coverage to workers’ compensation and umbrella coverage.

      General Liability Insurance Quote

      Whether you are a sole proprietor or run a small business, you need to find a good general liability contractor insurance policy. The cost of this type of insurance can vary greatly, so it’s best to compare quotes from several insurance companies to find the best price. In addition, it’s a good idea to read the small print of your policy so that you know exactly what it covers.

      The basics of general liability contractor insurance are property damage, injuries, and legal fees. It’s important to note that if you’re operating a construction business, you’ll also need product liability insurance. Unlike your personal auto insurance, this type of coverage protects your business against claims that stem from faulty work.

      Workers’ Compensation Insurance Quote

      In order to protect their business from legal liability, contractors need to obtain workers’ compensation insurance. Most states require contractors to carry this type of insurance. However, the benefits and exclusions can vary. Many states also have special laws governing certain industries and construction processes. Even if you are self-employed and not a contractor, you should still consider purchasing this type of coverage.

      While workers’ compensation for contractors can be expensive, it will save you a lot of money in the long run. It is much less expensive than addressing medical costs resulting from workplace injuries. It is also important to be careful when classifying contractors as employees. The IRS does not take misclassification lightly.

      Errors and Omissions Quote

      Errors and omissions insurance is one type of liability protection that covers a variety of situations that can arise during a contract. Specifically targeted at professional services, this policy can cover the financial losses that may arise when clients make claims based on work that is done in error.

      The level of coverage will vary depending on the nature of your business. For instance, an electrician could make a mistake and cause an electrical fire. Similarly, a plumber might not seal a pipe properly, leading to a piping system failure. Errors and omissions coverage is important for the safety of your business.

      Excess Liability Insurance Quote

      Contractors need to protect their assets from the financial implications of lawsuits. Oftentimes, a general liability insurance policy is enough to protect a business, but excess insurance offers additional liability coverage. Moreover, excess liability is more affordable, and it can protect substantial assets. Fortunately, there are online quotes available that will give you the best value for your money.

      The downside of an umbrella policy is that it will not protect you if your business is sued for something that you didn’t do. It doesn’t cover intentional damage, property damage, or personal injuries, but it can help you protect your assets from expensive lawsuits. Plus, it can cover legal defense costs.

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