Contractors Insurances

Contractor Types

The types of insurance that contractors need vary, depending on the type of work they do and the size of the business. Many contractors need general liability and inland marine insurance, but there are also other types of coverage you may want to consider. Your insurance broker can help you compare quotes and find a policy that suits your needs.

General Liability Insurance For Contractors

General liability contractor’s insurance services provide protection for both general contractors and subcontractors in case of accidents. In case of accidents, the insurance will pay legal expenses if the general contractor is found at fault. Likewise, it will pay compensation for witness fees. Moreover, it will cover expenses in case of rented property damage.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance For Contractors

Contractors can benefit from workers’ compensation insurance services through a specialized insurance company. These insurance providers understand the intricacies of this industry and can answer questions related to policy limits and exclusions. They can help you get the coverage you need without sacrificing the cost.

Commercial Auto Insurance For Contractors

Commercial auto insurance for contractors can cover the costs of repairs or lawsuits arising out of auto accidents. In most cases, contractors will own a service vehicle to transport people and materials to the worksite. While this may seem like a relatively simple coverage, it is crucial that contractors consider the risks associated with this type of coverage. Driver distractions such as texting and using cell phones can lead to accidents or even fatalities. To combat this problem, many contractors have implemented driver safety programs or integrated hands-free devices into their driving practices. In addition, many contractors also install cameras and monitor the speed and braking patterns of vehicles that work for them.

Errors And Omissions For Contractors

Errors and omissions insurance services for contractors offer coverage for the legal costs and expenses that can result from a lawsuit. These policies are designed to protect the contractor against claims that he or she committed a mistake and caused damage to a client’s property. Depending on the policy, this insurance may also cover the cost of settlements and court costs that result from a lawsuit. Some policies even extend coverage to work performed outside the country.

Commercial Property Insurance For Contractors

If you are a contractor, you may want to consider a business property insurance policy. These policies can protect your business in the event of an accident, theft, or damage. There are several types of insurance available for contractors and the amount of coverage will vary. Contact an insurance professional to discuss which coverage is right for you.

Professional Liability Insurance For Contractors

MetaInsVerse offers Professional Liability Insurance services for contractors, covering a variety of unique professional exposures. Its programs include general contractors, specialized trade contractors, design/builders, construction managers, value engineering, and more. In addition to traditional liability coverage, these programs offer flexible limits of up to $5 million for surplus lines of paper. Pascal Burke understands that every contractor’s policy has unique characteristics and needs.

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