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Jackson Heights General Liability Insurance

Contractor General Liability Insurance Jackson Heights, NY is a mandatory insurance requirement for Professionals who operate construction equipment in the City of New York. This article goes into further detail about what you should know about CGLi and when you will need it.

General Liability Coverage Jackson Heights, NY

Contractor General Liability Insurance in Jackson Heights, NY can protect your business from accidents and lawsuits that may arise as a result of work performed by your contractors. By getting coverage through an insurance company, you will be protected from any financial losses that may arise as a result of an accident or lawsuit. General Liability Insurance in Jackson Heights, NY can also help you keep tabs on the performance of your contractors to ensure they are performing to the best of their abilities.

Basic Coverage Exclusions

Contractor general liability insurance protects businesses against claims for damages caused by their contractors or employees. The policy typically includes coverage for accidents that occur on company property as well as third-party claims. Exclusions from coverage may vary based on the business and its specific needs, but many typical exclusions include crane accidents, workers’ compensation claims, environmental disasters, and product liability claims.
To ensure that you have the coverage you need, contact your insurance broker. They can advise you of your specific needs and help to identify potential exclusionary clauses in your contractor’s general liability policy.

Covers More Than Miscellaneous Bodily Injury and Damage

Most people who need contractor liability insurance do so because they are in the construction business, or because they are working as a consultant on a construction project. But this insurance can protect you from even more ordinary sorts of injuries and damages that happen during your work.

Here are some examples of what can be covered:

Injuries that you caused yourself. This includes anything from cuts and bruises to broken bones.

Injuries that other people sustained as a result of something that you did. This could include someone getting electrocuted or hurt when a ladder falls on them.

Damage to property that belongs to either you or someone else with whom you are working on the project. This could include breaking windows or ruining carpets.

Who Purchased Your General Liability Insurance – Is it an Employee? Or a Third Party?

When it comes to contractor general liability insurance, who should your business purchase coverage for? Unfortunately, this answer isn’t straightforward. In fact, there are a few factors your business might have to take into account before making a decision.

First, is your workforce made up of employees or independent contractors? If your employees are covered under an employer’s general liability policy, then purchasing contractor coverage for them might be unnecessary. However, if your workers are considered self-employed contractors, then general liability insurance might provide some protection from potential accidents or lawsuits.

Second, is the activity you’re doing in the field legal? Certain activities—like construction—are inherently risky and could lead to accidents or claims. If you’re unsure about whether the activity you’re engaged in is legal and puts your business at risk, speak with an insurance agent to get a better understanding of what coverages are available.

Regardless of who purchased the coverage, always make sure you have updated statements and proof of insurance on file in case of a claim. This will help protect both you and your workers in the event of an accident or lawsuit.

Tips for Low-Cost General Liability Insurance Coverage

1. Ask your insurance agent about a low-cost general liability policy.

2. Review the coverage that is offered in your state.

3. Make sure the policy covers all of the risks that you may be exposed to as a contractor.

4. Review any exclusions from coverage that may apply to you as a contractor.

5. Get several quotes from different insurers and compare them to see which policy offers the best overall value for your needs as a contractor in Jackson Heights, NY

What to Expect From a Personal Auto Policy with General Liability Coverage

When you start a project, your first – and most important – priority is safety. That’s why we offer contractor general liability insurance in Jackson Heights, NY. Our coverage protects you from costly legal claims filed against you by other contractors or their customers. We also have property damage coverage for when something goes wrong on your job site.

Aside from protection against damages to your own property, an auto policy with contractor general liability coverage can also help if someone is injured while working on your project. Plus, our comprehensive liability coverage extends to errors made by your employees while they’re performing their duties.

There’s no need to worry about finding the right policy – we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn more about our contractor general liability coverage in Jackson Heights, NY.