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Lansing General Liability Insurance

Depending on the type of work you or your company does, you may need general liability insurance. While this is always advisable for your business, the cost of even covering just a small business can quickly add up due to all the exposures and risks involved. To help with this, we will provide an overview of what general liability insurance Lansing Michigan protects against as well as how it can benefit your business.

What Exactly is Contractor General Liability Insurance Lansing Michigan?

At its core, contractor general liability insurance is designed to protect contractors and their employees from financial loss as a result of injury or wrongful death. Coverage can extend to both work-related claims and personal injuries sustained while performing contracted duties.

Typically, the policy will include coverage for general liability, property damage, fraudulent claims, and workers’ compensation. Additional features may include product liability and express contract exclusions. Commercial insurance providers often offer tailor-made policies that are specific to the needs of contractors.

Ideally, contractor general liability insurance is mandatory for any company that contracts out with a third party to perform services. However, many businesses opt not to take advantage of this coverage because of the high premiums associated with traditional policies. For those businesses that do choose to carry contractor general liability insurance, it is important to select a policy that meets your specific needs.

Why do I Need Contractor General Liability Insurance Lansing Michigan?

If you are a contractor, chances are you will be engaging in some type of construction work. Contractor General Liability Insurance is essential if you want to protect yourself and your business from potential legal exposure. This type of insurance covers you and your employees for injury or damage caused by your own negligence while performing contracted work.

This policy can help to protect you financially if someone files a lawsuit against you, and it can also provide financial backing in the event that an employee sues you for wrongful discharge or other employment-related claims. It is important to have this type of coverage in place before starting any construction project, as there is always the potential for trouble.

If something goes wrong on your project and litigation ensues, having Contractor General Liability Insurance will give you the financial stability to face any legal challenges head-on. Contact an insurance company today to learn more about this valuable coverage option.

How Much Does Contractor General Liability Insurance Cost In Lansing Michigan?

Contractor General Liability Insurance in Lansing Michigan covers general accidents and incidents that occur while a contractor is performing work. Coverage can include personal injury, property damage, and wrongful death. The cost of coverage varies depending on the company and policy type but is typically relatively affordable. If you are in need of contractor general liability insurance in Lansing be sure to speak with a qualified insurance broker to find the right policy for your business.

Who Should Not Be Obtained for Contractor General Liability Coverage?

1. Anyone who has been declared a material abuser or likely material abuser by their state mental health authority.
2. Anyone convicted of a felony involving fraud, misconduct in public office, or any crimes against the financial integrity of a company.
3. Anyone found guilty of the commission of any act of espionage or treason against the United States Government.
4. Anyone who has ever been declared bankrupt or had their business voluntarily dissolved by a court order (unless it was discharged within two years).
5. Anyone who has had more than six claims filed against them personally in the last five years, except for claims that were resolved prior to that date without any adverse outcome for the contractor involved.

What is Included in the Basic Liability Coverage Available from a Copa America General Liability Policy in Lansing Michigan

If you are a contractor in Lansing Michigan, you should consider purchasing general liability insurance. This coverage will protect you from financial losses if someone is injured or suffers property damage while working on your project. Basic liability coverage includes damages for personal injury, death, and property damage. You may also need additional coverages, such as product liability, professional liability, and public liability. Contact an insurance broker to get a complete list of what is covered under your policy.

What Am I Covered For and What Are My Limits of Protection?

As a contractor, you are likely responsible for your own safety and the safety of others. That means you need contractor general liability insurance in case someone is injured or property is damaged as a result of your work.

Your limits of protection will depend on the type of contract you have with your client. You may be covered for negligence, intentional torts, and other forms of civil wrongdoing. But remember: no matter what, always wear a safety helmet and use common sense when working in dangerous environments.

Contact pascal to get started on your contractor’s general liability coverage. They will provide you with a free policy estimate and help you select the coverage that’s right for you.