Premises Liability Insurance

If you are looking to purchase insurance for your business, you’ve probably come across the terms “premises liability insurance” and “general liability insurance.” These terms are both helpful to understand when choosing the right coverage for your needs. While general liability insurance will cover standard business risks, premises liability is specific to the property owner. This type of insurance will protect you against injury claims stemming from slips and falls.

Premises liability insurance is specific to your location, and is a critical part of any business plan. This type of insurance protects you financially from lawsuits brought against you by customers or clients injured on your property. Public property accidents are covered by the New Jersey Tort Claims Act, but private property owners are required by law to carry premises liability insurance.

A general liability insurance policy is a more comprehensive form of property and liability insurance that covers damages arising from business operations, advertising, and conditions on a property. A general liability policy may include coverage for premises liability, as well as some cases involving advertising errors or employee negligence.

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