Sewer Line Insurance Colorado


Sewer line insurance Colorado can protect your business in the event of damage from a sewer line emergency. Often, the problem arises due to wear and tear, but it is not covered under the standard contractor’s policy. Sewer line damage can also be caused by pests, tree roots, and earthquakes. Floods and earthquakes are also not covered under standard policies, so you may need to purchase separate coverage to protect your client’s home or building.

In Colorado, there is a policy for sewer line coverage, which is an endorsement on your contractor insurance policy. It is important to note, however, that not all insurers offer this endorsement. In fact, you may need to switch insurers to find one that offers this coverage. Companies that offer the best service line protection endorsement will have a high coverage limit for sewer lines, as well as basic coverage.

A sewer line insurance policy will pay for the cost of repairing or replacing damaged lines, up to the amount of the policy. This is a great option for contractors who want to protect their projects against the costs of repairs and replacement. In the event of a sewer line emergency, service line insurance will cover up to $10,000 of damages.

Cost Of Sewer Line Insurance Colorado

In Colorado, a policy for buried utility lines costs about $30 to $40 a year. A typical deductible is $500, and coverage limits range from $10,000 to $20,000. This type of coverage is separate from contractor insurance coverage, so filing a claim on a utility line will not affect the policy rates.

In Colorado, the buried utility line coverage also covers other buried utility lines, such as power lines and cable lines. It also covers geothermal pipes and sprinkler systems. Additionally, it also covers damage from a variety of weather events, tree roots, and animals. You can even get coverage for the weight of people and equipment on the line.

Sewer Line Insurance Colorado – Get A Quote Now

Although sewer line coverage isn’t covered by standard contractor insurance, some providers do include it as an add-on or even offer it as a standalone policy. Other insurers offer bonds that cover damage to sewer lines as well. These policies may also come with deductibles and coverage gaps. It is important to understand all of the risks and costs associated with sewer lines before signing up for a policy.

Your contractor insurance policy may cover damage caused by an “Act of God.” This type of insurance covers damage caused by an earthquake or flooding. However, if your project has been damaged by lightning or by an earthquake, it will most likely be covered by your contractor insurance policy.

If your sewer line breaks, the insurer will cover the costs of lodging, including hotel costs. The insurance provider will also pay for the cost of water damage cleanup. Moreover, business owners can increase their coverage by naming additional risks as Named Coverage. It’s important to add specific risks that you worry about.