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Upper Darby General Liability Insurance

One of the best ways to protect your business from being liable for something that goes wrong on the job is by getting contractor General Liability Insurance for Upper Darby, PA. That way, if someone gets hurt, sues you or there’s property damage because of what you did at work or even because of your failure to act responsibly, you are covered and don’t have to worry about the financial side of things.

There are different types of contractor insurance, but the General Liability type is the most common one since it offers protection against a variety of risks. If you are looking for this insurance, contact an agent who specializes in contractor policies so you can get the best rate.

What is Contractor General Liability Insurance Upper Darby, PA and what does it cover?

General liability insurance (GL) is business insurance that can protect you from a variety of claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and others that can arise from your business operations. Contractors have unique exposures to risk, which is why it’s important for them to have this type of coverage.

Contractor GL insurance in Upper Darby, PA can help protect your business from damages or injuries that may occur on the job site. It can also cover you for any third-party claims that might be brought against you. This type of policy can provide you with financial protection in the event of a lawsuit or settlement.

What to do if I’m in an accident with a contractor company

After an accident, you should:

1. exchange insurance information with the other contractor involved
2. take photos/video of the accident scene, if possible
3. get the names and contact information of any witnesses
4. see a doctor as soon as possible, even if you don’t think you’re injured
5. notify your contractor insurance company about the accident
6. follow up with your insurance company to make sure they are processing your claim
7. keep records of all medical treatment, expenses, correspondence, etc. related to the accident

Do you need a license for Contractor General Liability Insurance Upper Darby, PA

If you are a contractor operating in the Upper Darby, PA area, you are required to have a license for Contractor General Liability Insurance. This insurance protects you and your business from claims made by third parties for bodily injury or property damage that occurs as a result of your business operations.

To obtain a license for Contractor General Liability Insurance in Upper Darby, PA, you must submit an application to the Pennsylvania Department of Insurance. The application must include proof of financial responsibility, which can be in the form of a surety bond or insurance policy. Once your application has been approved, you will be issued a license that must be renewed annually.

If you have any questions about the licensing process or need help finding coverage for your business, please contact our office. We would be happy to assist you!

What is the difference between liability insurance and general liability insurance?

There are a few key differences between liability insurance and general liability insurance. For one, general liability insurance is much more comprehensive in its coverage. This type of insurance covers a wider range of activities and risks, making it a better choice for businesses that are exposed to a variety of risks.

Liability insurance, on the other hand, is more limited in scope. It typically covers only specific types of risks, such as those related to professional negligence or product liability. This makes it a better choice for businesses that have a lower risk profile.

Another key difference between the two types of insurance is the cost. General liability insurance is typically more expensive than liability insurance because of the broader coverage it provides.

Finally, it’s important to note that general liability insurance does not replace the need for traditional business insurance policies, such as property and casualty insurance. Businesses should still carry these types of policies in addition to general liability insurance to be fully protected against all potential risks.

When should a contractor have Contractor General Liability Insurance Upper Darby, PA

A contractor should have Contractor General Liability Insurance when they are performing any work for a client, whether it is new construction, renovations, or repairs. This insurance protects the contractor from any claims that may arise from their work, such as property damage or injuries to people.
The cost of Contractor General Liability Insurance will vary depending on the size and scope of the project, as well as the location.